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About Us

Our mission is clear: to lead the real estate industry with the best talent, the best clients and the best results. Cushman & Wakefield has earned its role as an industry leader by providing strategic, innovative and unparalleled real estate solutions in Chicago and around the globe. We believe that our greatest asset is our network of highly skilled professionals and that our success is a direct result of our client-centric culture.

We are more than just a real estate firm to our clients – we are partners for success.  The following principles have been established to define what sets us apart as a leader in our industry, and to serve as a roadmap for the future to ensure the longevity of what makes Cushman & Wakefield so unique in Chicago.

What we believe
Deep local and global knowledge creates significant value for our clients
Relentless curiosity delivers unseen opportunities
Every touch point is an opportunity to deliver an exceptional experience for clients
Diverse backgrounds, cultures and expertise inspire breakthrough innovation
Our brand and our people will be the envy of the industry
Alone we are good; together we are great

What you can expect from us
A strong bias for action
A rigorous focus on results
Value created through insight
The right people powered by the right platform